Step 5 — Report Annually on Supply Chain Due Diligence

  • Report publicly on the compa­ny’s due dili­gence efforts for respon­sible supply chains of minerals from conflict-affected and high risk areas. No confi­den­tial infor­ma­tion such as supplier rela­tion­ships, price infor­ma­tion, or iden­ti­ties of whistle blowers should be published.
  • Reports should focus on company actions to address iden­ti­fied risks (i.e. manage­ment systems in place, steps taken to iden­tify smelters and refiners in the supply chain, risk assess­ment method­ology, assess­ment of smelter/refiner’s risks and due dili­gence steps in accor­dance to the OECD Guidance, steps taken to manage risk, efforts made to monitor and track perfor­mance for risk mitigation).

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